Monday, March 15, 2021

Answers to Quiz 9 on Scrooge (1970), Starring Albert Finney

  1.  According to Mrs. Cratchit, how many times did Scrooge raise her husband's salary, in all the years Bob worked for him, in this adaptation of A Christmas Carol?

He never raised his wages - not even a Penny, in eight years.

 2.  In this adaptation of A Christmas Carol, when the Ghost of Christmas Present takes Scrooge to Fred's Christmas party, what game does Fred's wife teach their guests to play?

The Minister's Cat.

 3.  How is the game mentioned in Question 2, above, played?

The participants sit in a row or a circle, and they clap in unison to maintain a rhythm. As they clap, whoever is "it" chants, "The Minister's cat is a such-and-such cat!" Instead of "such-and-such," they insert a word which begins with whichever letter of the alphabet the participants are "on." Presumably, they start with the letter "A." If a participant fails to insert a new word that begins with the appropriate letter, in a timely manner, according to the rhythm of the clapping, they are "out." Then the next person in the row renews the game by chanting that the Minister's cat is a such-and-such cat, inserting a word which begins with the next letter of the English alphabet.

 4.  By the time the camera opens on the scene of Fred, his wife, and their guests playing the game mentioned in Questions 2 and 3, above, what letter are they "on"?


 5.  During the scene mentioned in Question 4, above, what words are used, before someone is "out"?

Lonely, languid, lordly, lazy, ludicrous, and lascivious.

 6.  Who selected the last word mentioned in Question 5, above?

Fred's wife.

 7.  What words are used, before someone is "out," after the words mentioned in Questions 5 and 6, above?

Marvelous, marmelade, miserable, and merciful.

 8.  Who fails to think of a word after the words mentioned in Question 7, above, and is, therefore "out"?


 9.  What word does Scrooge say his nephew should have used, when it was his turn, while playing the game described above?


10.  What are the next words used, in the game described above?

Naughty, noble, nebulous, nervous, nauseating, (nice was used too late); Scrooge would have said "neglectful"), orange, and old.

Quiz and Answers by William Mortensen Vaughan